What I Do

I design and make rustic and artisan furniture and furnishings for the home and garden ranging from porches and pergolas to beds and tables wine racks and plant holders. From the utilitarian and practical to the artistic and whimsical.

I use wood unconverted as it comes from the tree, often with the bark left on, to bring the beauty of natural form to everyday household items. The converted timber that I use has usually had a previous life as a building or even another piece of furniture and carries the marks of that life into it’s next incarnation, wood with soul.

Each piece is individually made from the collecting of the wood to the oil or wax finishes producing furniture of unique quality and style.

I aim to make a finished product that retains as much of the tree that it came from and the land that it grew on as possible so that even a humble shoe rack may bring the spirit of nature into a home.