About Me

I grew up in the small cotswold town of Winchcombe enjoying the surrounding countryside and wildlife.
I spent many years working as a falconer and gamekeeper on the Sudley Estate near Winchcombe. Changing times saw the estate no longer employing falconers and I found work with a firm furnishing show homes on new housing projects.

I developed an interest which led me to a City and Guilds qualification in furniture making from Stroud College in 2001. I got a job making furniture for a company in Cornwall which I enjoyed but found I missed the outdoor life and the woods and hills of home, I returned to the Cotswolds to work as a gardener and tree surgeon.

After a pollarding job on some Willow trees in 2006 I decided to try and make a chair out of the branch wood destined for the chipper (a particularly noisy and destructive machine). I have been making chairs ever since.